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In the report on the top destinations on this planet, Amsterdam ranks among the top for both business and tourist travelers. Amsterdam is a dream destination that is studded with charming city homes along with a large choice of potential cultural and recreational sites. The city has some of the most wide-ranging attractions including elegant canals, historical monuments, world famous museums, refreshing party all night atmosphere and popular scales. And, the fishing line of exotic Amsterdam hotels get this to city a paradise to live in.

Now we reach one of the most stylish places in Amsterdam, opposite the National Museum (Rijksmuseum). Nearby there's an artificial lake with others resting on the lawn in numerous postures: lying, sitting, chewing, reading, and conversing. They were all experiencing rest and failed to pay any attention as to the was happening around, people walking and dogs running. Even further I saw today's cubic building from the Van Gogh Museum using a large green field behind, crowded with others spending their amusement.

Amsterdam is often a relatively small city. Roughly 750,000 people are now living in its central area. And because the location is just not very crowded, you'll get a genuine feel of their sights and sounds. In fact, unlike Paris and London, Amsterdam is more of a village. What's more, a visitor can easily see nearly all areas of town on the bike or using riding on the bus. Amsterdam also happens to be one of the most bicycle-friendly cities on the planet.

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Very interesting would have been a tour through Amsterdam aboard a river tram with an open deck. After all canals, a phone card of the capital of the Netherlands. They have all been dug during the last 400 years, in concentric semicircles round the Gulf coast. On them, around 1200 bridges (!) were built, which 400 inside the historic city center. The City Centre can be found on 70 artificial islands, most of them were not around the world 300 years ago, and after this people live where it used to be a wide open sea.

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