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SOPA: How Does It Affect You'

Your Web site earned greater than a million dollars a year ago. Business is booming and individuals are buying by you. You plan on expanding your products line, even expanding the help you offer. Then it happens. When you log into your Website one morning, you see a webpage that announces to the whole world that the site was hacked. The buyers stop buying, even your most loyal customers took their businesses elsewhere.

But what most business people don't understand is the fact that their websites are only as available to attacks by online hackers and viruses as his or her local machines. And especially in case your websites are hosted on a "virtual server" and therefore multiple sites are hosted employing the same hardware. Virtual services are attractive because of the low pricing but this form of hosting also leaves the opposite websites hosted on that server at risk of one bad apple.

Another con involves calling people at work and claiming to be from IT support or their company's service-desk, must you to your password. Don't give anyone your password over the telephone. If they are really from the company's IT staff they don't really need it, or they could reset it themselves. Some IT departments will call and have employees for passwords in order to find out how may employees be seduced by this common social engineering con, in a security audit, roughly that they are able to decide if they should do additional security training.

The developers may have extensive application-specific knowledge, in addition to know-how with the vulnerabilities that a code analysis tool will be able to handle. However, they won't have the same expertise because the members of the security system for which time can have to be invested in training the crooks to become more tech-savvy.

Most promising small to medium online businessmen don't possess much time, resources and knowledge to compete against established online businesses who've already designed a name on the market. So an affordable and fastest way to formulate a good reputation would be to have a very 3rd party to give a GO signal for your consumers to trust the website.

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