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"Louise Bedford has been trading for over 20 years and is one of Australia's best-selling authors on the sharemarket. Her other books include Charting Secrets, The Secret of Candlestick Charting and The Secret of Writing Options."
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On the Risk of a Stock Market Collapse

The world of finance is ever-changing. In a society driven by information with an "Early bird get's the worm attitude", there exists a must combine financial advising resources with social network. From tweets to status updates, news can travel at the speed of light. Financial is just as viral and simply as relevant. With Smartphones and WiFi Hot-spots at each and every corner, these updates needs to be simply a click (or touch) away.

Although so many people are singing doom and gloom over Europe, remember fondly the US remains within an election year, with low-inflation, low-interest rates, and able to harness the flow in the EU since the flight to safety hits the US like a Tsunami from the Atlantic. Where is all that money from through the pond gonna go - where else, here, where it's safe, and there is a great deal of upside to everyone this.

Now allow me to be clear, this is not just any old financial crisis or a little currency markets correction. This is a complete financial disaster round 2, however round 1 was nothing in comparison with might know about are planning to experience. And as to the stock market crash... well it won't you should be a crash - it'll eliminate much the person with average skills can be with NOTHING.

Of course, you won't must spend enough time investigating stock charts to appreciate that this market trend doesn't always require a completely positive or completely negative slope the whole day, week, or month. There are smaller trends that form inside the larger trends, which may sometimes appear like pauses or perhaps retracements in the larger trend. These internal trends are called intermediate, short-term or long-term, determined by where these are positioned inside larger trend. Becoming skilled at spotting and identifying trends is an important skill to get a trader, because it can prevent them from making premature sales, or early purchases.

The price per share is defined at either the par value (price stated for the stock certificate) or perhaps the monatary amount (price where the stock is valued inside free economy based on a variety of factors). It must be noted that it is the rate where shares of stocks are ordered and sold around the stock exchanges. The par value can be used for legal purposes similar to dividend distribution.

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