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"If you are new to Android Programming you want to start with some great resources, fortunately there are plenty of them out there. You might want to also learn a bit of Java, as this is the base of the Android programming language."
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Android Development - Important Aspects

Smart phones are in vogue currently. Anyone utilizing a smartphone is sure to know android. Android development is rising as soon as the smartphone's are actually launched. Android developers are always updating the android. The latest version of Android that is launched through the android developers will be the Android 4.0. Android development is unbeatable.

When scouring the App Store for opportunities we advise choosing a 30 minutes a day for any week to research the App Store. Give yourself a system. The easiest starting point is as simple as confirm the top free and paid apps. This helps present you with an idea of what exactly is really popular and where needs may be needed for brand spanking new iPhone development. It also helps to pick and scour groups of applications in which you could have expertise in developing. For example, if you'd prefer sports then see precisely what is really popular in sports. This may help trigger ideas for future iPhone app development.

One of the primary advantages include multiple technologies like GSM, EDGE, CDMA, Wi-Fi technologies to transfer data via mobile networks. Comprehensive design libraries with 2-D and 3D graphics. Image, audio and video libraries. Much needed features including high-resolution Video camera, Touchscreen, accelerometer and GPS system. Peer-2-Peer using Google Talk. SQLite module integrated for data storage. Signed apps and signing of apps for publishing

You could also download the android software development kit (SDK) that operates on Windows, Linux along with Mac OS. It is virtually all to easy to setup this SDK. First you have to have a PC with appropriate features. On Windows, you simply install the SDK similarily when you install some other software on a Windows-based system. After this, you'll willing to explore what the android development kit contains. You will get to find out the basic principles about what an android application developer needs to find out, exactly what the Android SDK offers and the ways to integrate whatever application you could have in to the overall platform.

There are very less game-changing apps which have showcased a brand new idea altogether but with latest features coming in every smartphone, chances are that you'll surely see that they're in hordes sooner. Some apps do well and have attention from everybody with downloads for the count of 2.5 million.

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