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"Are you aware that it's very all too easy to make apps with out possessing any sort of perception of coding language?"
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Cars and phones can be quite a good combination. While it is unsafe to text or talk on the phone while driving, Smartphones and automakers are teaming up diversely. Automakers start to introduce applications for phones to help you drivers making use of their vehicles in a variety of ways. While different manufacturers are creating unique Apps, the buzz in general is heading in a similar direction, which is increasing information offered to drivers in a fast, easy, fun, and environmentally-friendly way.

1. TwitterificTwitterific is one of the first Twitter apps to the iPad, and it is arguably the simplest to use. While the iPhone version was quickly made obsolete on account of interface problems, on this occasion, Twitterific got everything right. It is a quick, intuitive, good looking app. There is no confusion in terms of navigating between messages, @ replies, time line, and favourites. Transitioning from your computer-based Twitter experience on the Twitterific application should be a breeze for virtually any tweeter. It is intended for free download within the iPad App Store, and will not be passed up!

For basic document (Word, Excel, PPT) creation or editing existing documents, each of the three online apps (Office365, Google Docs and Zoho Docs) will do the job well. But if you should employ a lot of the advanced top features of word & excel we have used to in the desktop version then you might be disappointed. Among the three Zoho Docs is much better when compared to other two in terms of the features. Infact for spreadsheets, Zoho Doc has most of the features (one of several missing feature is macros, that will not work in one of the online apps) of the desktop app.


News provider SkyGrid has created a fresh app called the TouchTV, which shows videos from cable networks onto the iPad. TouchTV includes videos in excess of 5 minutes from 16 different providers that include hotshots like ESPN, Bloomberg and so on. The app offers a glimpse of what app-based TV will be like. It is among the best video discovery services around the iOS platform.

This may come as so many people are complaining that perhaps Twitter is becoming too popular and is increasingly being utilized for purposes beyond its means. According to emergency services in America, women who found an unconscious woman around the sidewalk didn't think to contact the emergency services - but tweeted her followers about the situation instead.

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